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iekodanus v.1 // N E W S ★
09年 4月4日; 0時06分
Wanna say a big thank you to those who came down on Wednesday to send me off. I felt as if I had a fanclub HAHAHA. XD But I'll leave that to next post cos I've yet to take photos of the lovely notes everyone has written for me. :X

I reached Narita at 6 plus in the morning. First to arrive, which ended up in a wait for other international students to arrive that lasted for more than 2 hours. =_= We took a bus to school and it was sooooo cold when we were waiting for/getting off the bus. Yesterday was generally a very cold day, I had 3 layers on and I was still freezing especially at night. Checked in and unpacked abit, checked the internet connection, and then left for Alien Registration.

My dorm is a ulu place. Either that or Japan is too big. It's much more inconvenient than I thought would be. I'll talk more about it another day.

I met my senpais (seniors) Emily and YingJian at night for dinner. They treated me to this curry udon place yay<3 They were basically spamming me the cheap places around school for me to get my daily necessities but omg I cannot remember so many at one go. XD Anyway they are very nice people.

Today I went for the Hanami organised by the Singapore Students Association (Japan) SSAJ at Shinjuku Gyoen. I decided to sleep in abit, so I arrived late heh. XD On the way there I also went to check the hotel reservation for my Mom and my Brother who are arriving tmr! Can't wait to meet them! Anyway I think the whole thing was quite a miracle. Jodie's sg phone was uncontactable for the whole time for some reason and I forgot to take down any contacts if I got lost. gg. I had to find my own way to Shinjuku Gyoen and wtf I nearly fainted when I reached.

It was some imba crowd! Like IT fair. CNY Chinatown. NDP. Crazy.

The entrance where the ticketing machines was totally packed. For the very first time, I thought Japanese can be very rude people too. Can't say anything about the kids cos well, they're still kids. But the adults. You have grown up men and old ladies squeezing and pushing and shoving their way through and cutting queues at the machines. If this was Singapore I bet people would have complained like hell. The park should have at least put some form of barricade so that the queue could have been more orderly.

When I finally got my ticket and went in, I had a shock of my life.

It was people, people, and more people. T_T Every angle I looked I saw people sitting on mats. How the hell was I going to find SSAJ!? =_=

I decided to take a map, and just try my luck. Those who know me well enough will know that I have a rather low ability for looking out for people. It's not just testing my luck it was testing my eyesight as well. >_> So I walked around for 5 minutes. No sight of any Singaporeans. D: I felt like I wasted a 200yen entrance ticket and a trip to Shinjuku for nothing. I decided to sms my Brother to help me check for any contact numbers available on their site.

THEN! I saw this familiar face. Walked abit closer and realised they were Singaporeans! YAY I found them! I managed to find like a group of 20 people in a park with probably 2000 people in it! I am the imba HAHAHAHAA.

I joined in and introed myself. I missed the self introductions. Then it was basically split into small groups and chit chat. Then Jodie and I took a walk around the park.

This is some France styled Garden.

This one too.

There were lots of little kids running around!<3


Bloomed! 8D

So that's my first ever Hanami in my life. It's nothing too special actually. It's just like a normal picnic session at the Botanical Garden, with alot more people. Today was also rather hot in the day. Will go to another Hanami with Mom and Bro, hopefully at night with the lights! O:

At night I went to this Bento store called Sankichi outside school to get my dinner.

Japanese style Hamburger Bento. It was good. and expensive as well. Then again, all things in Japan are expensive. D:

That's basically what happened these 2 days minus the boring details. XD
09年 4月7日; 3時48分 (UTC)
i went t ueno and it was like a it fair too hahaa.plp were playing mini mahjong there it was fun t see :)
09年 4月7日; 15時07分 (UTC)
I just went to ueno yesterday! I think it's even more crowded than Shinjuku, since it's free. XD

The bentos were all soldout. T_T We had to eat Takoyaki and pizza for lunch. D:
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